Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Another great recommendation from Anthony at the now deceased Tequila Sunrise Records on Girard Ave in Killadelphia. This record is fucking mind blowing Afrodelic Psychedelic funkyness from front to back. Apparently these teenage from Lagos,Nigerian cut this record in 1973 while still in highschool. I've also heard reports that they wreaked havoc on the battle of the band scene there as well. A few years back the Legendary vocalist and all around amazing human being  Sal P from Liquid Liquid crashed on my couch after a DJ gig back in Philly. I threw this record on while we enjoyed some coffee and got our collective minds together from the night before. After a few breaks he was like "What record is this !?!?!"  Then I proceeded to tell him the story I just told you. True story. This is a great bedroom record as well if you know what I mean ;).